“On the Road”

On the Road” is a unique franchise segment on THE COUNTY LINE where roving reporters travel around our counties looking for something to do.

This season’s OTR crew includes Danielle Adams (left with the hockey stick), Jill Carle, Chris Norris, Danielle Adams & David Craig.

OTR showcases the people, places, events and activities that are truly unique to our area.

The ON THE ROAD gang hit the hill above Lake Brittan this week for some sledding fun. A fresh layer of snow created a picturesque setting in our quaint town of New Wilmington. A setting that was quickly disturbed by our shrieking crew as they plowed throw the white powder of February. Check out the SLED CAM .

OTR Flirts With Fitness

With knee-high snow covering the ground, its hard to go outside for a walk or jog. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and stay in shape. This week, WCN’s On the Road team headed to Cool Spring Fitness in Mercer, PA to get in shape by lifting weights, playing raquetball, running on the treadmill, and climbing the rock wall.


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