My First Time Producing a TV Show

By Doug Kunst (A.K.A Dee Kay)

I have to admit that I was really nervous. It was the first time that I would produce The County Line. I had the luxury of watching others before me and learning from how they ran the show. But I always have been good at taking charge delegating responsibility. As long as I was organized and the people under me knew what they were doing I would be in good shape. During our meeting for the week, I told everyone what I expected and when I wanted it. The only challenge for everyone, with me was I did (and still does) not own a cell phone. I handled this by giving everyone a contacted sheet. This included my email, screen name, and dorm number. Well this did he job a cell phone would have made everything so much easier. Things were find leading up to the show on Monday. Now we all know this will change like it always does. When I walked into the news room Monday morning I still had anchors writing intro’s and stories. My field producers still did not finish editing their story and some how I was a three minutes light on the rundown. I solved the rundown problem by adding another minute to the interview segment and re-racking a story we used a fell weeks ago. I feel sorry for everyone around me. I became very aerated because I wanted this done by Sunday night. So I might have been a little short with people. Eventually it all it got done. We stated to record the show about 20 minutes behind schedule but this was the only time that this was ok because we were not live. For the most part the show want very smooth. By the end I was really happy with the result of the show I put together. Like all shows, there were some miner bumps but nothing major. After we faded to black I felt a big weight off my shoulders. I did it.


2 Responses to My First Time Producing a TV Show

  1. Anonymous says:

    There are so many typos and spelling errors in this entry. You should really proof read before you publish anything.

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