Learning From Working: My So Called Life on THE COUNTY LINE

By Doug Kunst (a.k.a. Dee Kay)

Boy, what an experience it has been working on The County Line. At times it was very stressful trying to find ways to get projects done. Then on the other hand it was a great for my learning experience and a chance to grow as Broadcasting major. I am the type of person, not necessarily by choice, who only learns from their mistakes. But I do grow from them. My early stories for The County Line were choppy at best. My video’s was not very compelling and my writing was sloppy. I never written or filmed news stories before and really do not know how to go about doing it. After weeks went by, and seeing how others in the class were doing their stories I started to get a feel for it. In the beginning of the year my projects were often used for criticism. What to do and mostly what not to do. By the end of the year my news stories were being used for good examples in class. I was learning how to write to my video and tell good stories using great sequences of shots. Compared with my projects from the beginning of the year tell now is night and day. Even I have a hard time looking back on my old stories, but all I can do is laugh and realize how far I have come in my story telling for The County Line


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