Transition to the Real World

By  Pam  Marlowe, TCL Producer/Anchor/Reporter

Keeping a countdown of the number of classes left toward the end of the semester is not too uncommon around here. Even public safety is keeping a tally on their white board of how many days until the students pack up and head home for break. Basically, a common feeling around this time every year goes something like…’I can’t wait to get home’ or ‘ I gotta get out of here’.

We had several alumni return to campus this year…seemingly excited to get back to their alma mater and talk to us about their careers since the days spent in New Wilmington counting down until graduation. Most current students, albeit a few, are all but a few credits short of having the same degree as these now professionals. I have learned a lot since I have been here…but when in comparison to the alumni that have spoken with us, I still feel so amateur even though we have the same exact education and even the same professors.

Now, understand as full time students we do have the work load of at least four classes, and are encouraged to participate in other activities to the point where you can’t see any more white space on a resume. At this point I want to rebut what many of our elders say to us, especially when we complain, ( I complain a lot so I hear it often), “If you think you have it bad now…wait until you get a real job out there.”


While we’re busy trying to impress out future bosses by being involved and putting all we can on our resume we are also doing the same work as some of the broadcasting alumni, for instance.

So putting my rants into examples; I, along with seemingly the rest of the Producing class had five packages due in five weeks. Now some professionals said they sometimes have multiple packs due in one day, like two or even three. As a class, we have several days to get one done, and week after week we were always pushed for time because of busy schedules or finding the desire to get them done. (We are in college only once after all…sometimes the social aspect really trumps work) (Plus the fact that creating stories is not what everyone in the class wants to do for a real job.) Anyhow, I don’t think any of us could handle multiple packages in a days work.

Referring back to my quote…it just seems erroneous to me because the people with same education as us can churn out these packages quickly and easily…while week after week with The County Line …it is a rage against the clock. If popular opinion believes life schedules get more complex…then I don’t know what I’m going to do. But since I just disproved it on paper…hopefully I can put some legs on it as well.


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