My First Time Producing TCL


Being a junior in college and not sure what I want to do when I graduate and that’s kind of nerve racking. I know that I have a year left but I’m that person that likes to know ahead of time what’s going on. Don’t worry though I can be very spontaneous and I can work under pressure. So back to the part where I don’t know what I want to do when I graduate. I decided to do something new this semester and learn what else is out there in the broadcasting world. I took the producing and directing class this semester to explore new options.


I was already the director of The County Line and I loved the experience of it and working with the staff during the week. I liked being in control of the show and having final say along with the executive producer. I had the directing part down so now it was all about producing the show. I had the opportunity to produce the very first show of the semester so I felt like I had to set an example for the rest of the class.


When I went into this project I had two weeks to prepare, more than the rest of the class. Coming into the semester I was stuck without ideas for my reporters to go out and report on. So after investigating what was going on in the area and talking to locals we discovered Comcast may be coming in the area and the speed limit was to be changed in town. We did research and sent reporters out to tell us what was going on. Also, during the week we learned President Williamson’s plans to retire and move down south.


So we got started on the show and sent people out to do local stories. Now it was my turn to put the show in order and let everyone know what was going on almost every day. I was in constant communication with my reporters, the associate producer, and the executive producer trying to get my show together. I wanted this to be a huge success and for the most part it was. The day of the show I was changing the rundown until the very end where it was impossible to change it anymore and we had to go through the rundown with the staff. I did have some conflicts with the final rundown but everything got worked through in the end. During the show we had some problems that we ran into but in the end they got solved and the show looked half way decent. I loved doing this job and I hope that in the future I get more chances to improve on my producing skills.



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