TCL VLOG EXLUSIVE! Meet the crew behind the scenes…in the studio & the control room.

Produced by Danielle Adams.


One Response to The Crew Behind THE COUNTY LINE

  1. Jonathan Joy says:

    Brad(and to any broadcast students reading this comment),
    thanks for sending me the links to the WC broadcast student blogs. I wanted to comment even if it isn’t directed towards any particular vlog and/or blog. I’m extremely impressed with how far you and the students have come since you started telling me about your plans for more online teaching. Plus as I’ve stated before online video and blogging has come in leaps and bounds since I graduated and that was only back in 2003. It’s funny to think that only a few years ago we weren’t doing blogging to the extreme it is at now, but it just goes to show how well rounded you must be when it comes to the entertainment/broadcast world.

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